How to Plan an Epic Pup's Birthday Party

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It only happens once a year and it must be epic! If you are thinking the same way about your Birthday, perhaps it's the time to give your four-legged friend a party he or she always dreamed about!

The best thing about dog parties is that it's a perfect occasion for humans too. In this post, we will be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to throw an epic Birthday party for your pup.

Pick a Pup Party Theme

It all starts with an idea. And to develop a fun idea for your pup's Birthday is not as difficult as it might seem. First, we recommend thinking of your pup's personality and food preferences to decide what type of party he wants.

For instance, if your pup can't get enough of fish jerky, perhaps it makes sense to throw a nautical Birthday party or anything ocean-related like Fishermen Feast or Shark Attack theme.

If your pup starts salivating from the word "fries" consider organizing an all-American party or just an Instagrammable Pool Gathering.

Or, if your little princess loves yummy and cute biscuits, throw her a girly Teatime  Party.

Basically, start with what type of food you want to serve and move from there. We created a fun Pinterest board where we collected some ideas for what type of theme to pick.

Decide on Location

Depending on the weather, you can pick an indoor or outdoor gathering. Personally, we love the idea of a combined party where the official part of the ceremony is happening indoors and then pups get out to play outside. That way, our four-legged friends have a perfect photo moment and have a chance to run around an play.

But even if pup's Birthday party will take place in your house, make sure to plan the pup's bathroom situation accordingly. Set aside a few guest poop bagscleaning wipes, and paper towel in case of emergency and let the human guests know where to find all the WC supplies.

While planning the layout of the party, make sure to make the room you are celebrating at pup-friendly. Hide all the cords, shoes, and small items that pups love to chew on. Avoid ceramic and glass tableware as these could get damaged with one wing of a tail.

And certainly, don't forget to separate the play area with a fence or playpen. You know, we don't need any escape artists at your pup's Birthday party!

Dog Party Invitation

Send Pup's Birthday Invites

There are a few ways to go on this one. If you love paper good and want to send an official invite, definitely check out sites like that offers a wide range of handmade invitations.

And if you want to take an easy route, we love services like and These user-friendly invite services allow creating a perfect pup's Birthday invite in a matter of minutes and send it to the guests right away.

The best part, since online invite websites allow your guests to RSVP, you'll know for sure how many guests to plan for.

Party Table for a Dog Birthday

How to Set Up a Dog Party Table

Now, to the fun part. You decided on a theme, you have your guests coming, and it's time to stock up on dog party supplies. Without getting into the details on which exactly decor pieces to pick (as it all depends on a particular theme you picked for your pup gathering), these are some of the decor tips that we believe will be handy.

Table height is a thing that we humans don't think about when it comes to dog parties. While it's totally possible to have some of the dogs seated at a human chair, it would be more convenient if you could find a short table, so your pup guests could walk to the table and grab a delicious snack right away.

Party accessories are fun but make sure these are pup-friendly. Party hats, bow-ties, and party collars are fun but it’s helpful to chat with pup’s parents ahead of time about what type of accessories they pup could tolerate. Also, don’t forget to ask about the exact sizes so you are 100% sure that the party outfits and accessories you planned are of the right fit.

Thinking about the ambiance for the event, it’s totally fine to consider decorating a pup table with candles and plants. Just make sure that you are picking dog-friendly candles and florals. We don’t need any accidents at the pup party, right?

Consider adding a few toys to the table for the pups that feel a bit shy at the celebration. It could be a tiny plush toy every pup is getting served or a bone that could serve both as a yummy snack and a party favor.

Plan Your Party Favors

Talking about party favors, it’s a nice gesture to plan a doggy bag for your guests that Birthday party attendees could bring back home. In that case, anything small and cure works. We recommend sticking to your pup party theme and pick a party favor that correlates with the theme of the gathering. For instance, if you had a sailor style Birthday party, consider giving your pup-guests a pelican toy or a pack of treats featuring a nautical pup.

Create a Photo Station

In our social media world, an event that was not captured on Instagram is considered as the one that never happen. So, while planning your pup’s Birthday make sure to organize a fun Instagrammable moment for your pup guests. You don’t need to go all the way with a photo wall and a professional photographer. Just a few photo props like this mustache kit will do.

* * * * *

Planning a pup Birthday party is as fun and exciting as it sounds. And while it’s certainly a great way to celebrate your four-legged friend, don’t forget that it’s also a great way to get all your pet-loving friends together. So, while thinking about all the little details about your pup friends, don’t forget about humans too. Cheers and all the best wishes to your pup’s Birthday gal or dude!

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