3 Important Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

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Summer is officially here which means that you can enjoy all the fun outdoor activities with your pup. But before you go out in the Hamptons summer heat, let’s talk for a second how to make sure your furry friend is safe. These summer safety tips are universally handy for pups of all sizes and breeds. But if your dog has certain medical conditions, please make sure to consult additionally with your vet. Hey, safety first, right?

Keep Your Pup Hydrated

Perhaps, the most important thing for dog owners during summer is to ensure that your dog is staying hydrated at all times. It’s not always convenient to search for a water fountain during the walk thus we recommend leaving the house prepared.

Get your pup one of those bottles that are turning into bowl devices that are more convenient to have around while on the walk. That type of “transformer” bowl is very handy as you don’t need to grab too many things while heading for a walk.

Another summer hydration idea is to stock up on plastic retractable bowls that you can attach to a leash. In that case, don’t forget to grab yourself a bottle of water that you’ll be sharing with your pup while on-the-go.

At home, make sure to switch water in your pup’s bowl twice a day. I don’t know about your puppy but mine will never drink “old” water so I’m making sure to keep her bowl always fresh.

Another important moment is to wash your pup’s bowl with dish soap every time you are changing the water. That way, you are protecting your four-legged friend from the accumulation of bacteria. In other words, potentially prolong the lifespan of your pup!


Get Them Off the Asphalt

During summer, sidewalks are too hot for gentle pup’s paws which makes it uncomfortable to walk. Not to mention that extreme temperatures might hurt a dog’s paws. Perhaps, the best advice when it comes to walking during the warm season is to take your pup out earlier in the morning and later at night when the roads are not that hot. It’s not always possible to plan that way, but picking the less hot time of the day will help to preserve your pup’s paws.

Another idea is to wear protective socks during the summer. I’m not talking about rubber boots that are ideal for the rainy weather – these will make your pup even hotter in the summer. But rather cotton socks that will absorb the heat. Granted: wearing socks on the asphalt is a dirty task. But knowing how much it helps your pup during summer, one extra run to laundry is not a biggie, right?

Play Safe in Water

A good way to relieve your pup from the summer heat is to organize some swimming activities. An outdoor pool is always a great idea – especially if your dog loves hanging out in the water. Keep in mind though that if you live in the Hamptons and have an outdoor pool it’s more sanitary for your pup to have a separate pool from the rest of the family. Also, make sure that your four-legged friend is not drinking from the pool as chlorine might potentially irritate his belly.

Another important moment is to take care of your pup’s coat after the swim. If you have a gentle shampoo and conditioner at home, consider washing your pup after the outdoor bath. Also, if you have a chance use a towel and a hairdryer to make your pup’s hair dry. Or, if you let it air dry, don’t forget to brush his hair afterward.

When it comes to hair, it’s a stereotype that you need to shave your dog’s hair for summer to avoid overheating. The true purpose of the pup’s coat is to protect him from the weather so shaving it completely is not a good idea. Instead, consider giving your pup a shorter haircut than usual. And if your dog’s hair is already short, think of a doggie sunscreen. Yes, that’s the thing! Check out this selection of pup SPF for inspiration!

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Keeping your pup safe in summer is not that difficult – but these recommendations are good to have in mind. Also, if you noticed that we don’t mention the tick problem in this post, it’s simply because we are working on a dedicated post on tick protection. Stay tuned!

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